Commodity Options Trading for a Small Budget – Option Trading Low Capital

Trading commodity options requires less capital than many people realize. Binary Options are becoming a popular way to trade some of today’s most common commodities. Binaries are available for as low as $100, whereas other markets require thousands in capital. If you want to learn a very powerful trading strategy that brings a lot of profit, you should know about unusual options activity

Commodity Options and Binary Exchanges – Examples

If you are interested in commodities options, it is important to know that the top three commodities, gold, silver, or oil, will be traded on all exchanges where you invest. The three commodities have now been included on some trader’s desks. Volume is also increasing as investors are becoming more aware.

Investing in gold is high risk/high return.

Gold option contracts at binary exchanges pay between 65 and 75 percent returns on investment each hour or every day, depending upon the trading terms in place. If a trader invests $100 at 11:00am on Wednesday, they can earn a 70% profit on the expiration of the contract.

There are still some options with a payout, even when they’re out of money

A little-known fact is that some traders offer small returns on their capital, even when their contracts expire out of cash. In the previous example, if the $100 was to lose money the investor can expect to receive $15 back when the contract ends.

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