Mushrooms for Cancer II

Herbs are becoming increasingly popular in the treatment of cancer, and as an adjunct therapy. What about healing with fungi? Herbs are plant material. What role do fungi play? Herbs are herbaceous from a botanical perspective. Read more now on buy psilocybin

Herbal medicine can be made from the leaves, roots and flowers of plants. Plants make up the plant kingdom. Mushrooms are part of the fungi kingdom. Scientists are examining the potential of medicinal mushrooms to treat serious medical conditions such as autoimmune diseases, nerve disorders, and cancer. This article reveals some of the mysteries surrounding mushrooms, and gives a brief overview of their use in natural medicines.

Many myths surround the kingdom Fungi. Some mushrooms are poisonous, you may think. Yes, it is true. Some plants can be poisonous. Many cases of poisoning by mushrooms attract attention. The majority of mushrooms are not toxic. “Will I hallucinate or see visions?” is a question you may ask yourself. Hallucinogenic mushrooms are used by many cultures to heal. Researchers are researching medicinal mushrooms in labs around the globe. Doctors, cancer specialists, and alternative practitioners of medicine are prescribing mushrooms for serious medical conditions.

What mushrooms are medicinal? Look first at the shelf fungi or polypores when searching for mushrooms that can heal cancer. They are the oldest mushrooms in terms of evolution. Some mycologists, who study fungi, believe that all mushrooms evolved from polypores. Polypores, unlike gilled mushrooms, are not soft. To make a mushroom digestible, it must be heated or cooked. It is particularly true for polypore mushrooms. To make them bio-available, they must first be heated. In the past, polypore mushrooms were heated, steeped in water and strained to make mushroom tea.

Polypore mushrooms have been valued by native peoples around the globe for centuries. Some shelf and hard mushrooms were used to start fires or as spunk, and transported long distances. The same species could also be chopped and steeped with water to make tea. Polypore mushrooms were used by Shamans on all continents to treat serious ailments.

What polypore mushrooms are used for cancer treatment? Reishi is the most popular and widely used polypore mushrooms. Reishi mushroom is widely used in Traditional Chinese medicine, by mainstream Japanese doctors, as well as throughout Korea, Vietnam, and Eastern cultures. This medicinal mushroom, also known as Ling Chi or Ling Chi mushrooms, is available online and from alternative practitioners in the form of supplements.

Grifola, or Maitake, is another powerful polypore mushroom. The soft-fleshed polypore Maitake has both nutritional and medicinal benefits. Pharma and Neutraceutical companies are paying attention to it because preliminary studies have shown that it is effective in treating cancers, particularly liver and breast. Search for Maitake supplements addressing the D-fraction or beta glucans. You can buy Maitake supplements online and at natural pharmacies.

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