Six Things You Need for Your New Puppy

Indoor kennels offer many benefits for your puppy. It can be folded up and moved around easily. The pup can travel with you when you visit friends or relatives. The indoor kennel is the pup’s safe haven. If your pup is very anxious at night after arriving, you can place his indoor kennel upstairs so that he can sleep next to you. In the morning, move it downstairs to the same location. He will eventually fall asleep on his own if you just move his indoor kennel to the same place each night.┬áIf you are looking for an amazing puppy with a ver Ified breeder you can look it up on Top English Cream breeders

Collar and Lead

These are two very important pieces of equipment. However, your puppy will quickly outgrow a collar. You should choose a simple, nylon or soft-leather collar. A lead that is approximately 1 meter long is ideal for your puppy’s convenience. You can easily injure your puppy’s neck with a choke or check chain.


There are many options for dog toys, but you should make sure your pup has his own favorite toy. Your pup will not be able to reach any other toys, such as slippers or shoes. If you notice your dog chewing something that isn’t his, you can swap it out with one of his toys. However, don’t be too fussy or get frustrated. He might start to mimic you when you’re not there!

Food Dishes

There are many good quality foods and water dishes that you can get for your puppy. You can start your pup with a soup bowl or old plate for a while until he grows up. Then you can get him a pair of stainless-steel food and water dishes that are suitable for adult dogs. There are many options for puppy food, but your dog will outgrow these.

Dog Blanket

If your puppy gets wet, you can get him a blanket to keep him warm. A blanket that you have at home is often enough to keep him warm and cozy. A great tip for helping your dog adjust to his new home is to bring his blanket with to you when you collect him from the breeders. When he’s wrapped up in his blanket, his mother and littermates will give it a lot of scent to help him sleep at night.

Dog Chews

Dogs love chewing and chewing. There are many types of chews that you can purchase, but it is best to buy a few to get him started to find the one he loves.

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